I'm Thomas
Peham 👋

I worked for leading SaaS & tech companies. Now it's time to help you, too. I'm here to help you get your inbound marketing on the next level. Let's generate more targeted leads, increase brand awareness and optimise your marketing funnel together.

As I work with some amazing SaaS companies (see list), I'm already fully booked for 2020. If you're still interested in working with me. Let's talk.

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How can I help you?

I work with companies of different sizes, industries and needs. They all strive for the same goal: To be more successful with their digital offerings and products. And I help them to get there. Any maybe you, too?

Growth Marketing

I help you grow your business. There's no magic, just hard work, a strategy & an plan to execute on.

Digital Marketing

Need some help with your website, newsletter, shop, social media or mobile strategy? I'm here to help you set up the right actions and channels.

B2B Marketing

Are you selling to companies? Great. With 8+ years of experience in B2B marketing, I'm sure I can bring in some expertise for you.

Product Marketing

You sell software or hardware and don't know how to communicate the value of your products? Well, let's talk.

Trusted by B2B SaaS Companies

A selection of B2B SaaS companies I work with, or partnered up with in the past.

Blog articles